Project workpackages

Workpackage no. 1

  • Mapping of national, EU and international projects/programmes/initiatives (including results) related to research and innovation in the fluvial – deltaic – coastal environments within the Danube – Black Sea Macrosystem
    Within this WP it will be gathered all the existing information about science-related efforts and results at all levels (national, regional, European International organizations) in water management based on the River basin Management Plan (ICPDR 2009) and closely linked to the three main domains: life sciences (including environmental aspects); earth sciences; and socio-economics. The focus will be on results coming directly from programmes dedicated to Research and Innovation but not exclusively; results will also be sought from other programmes that have made best use of science to develop innovative solutions for the Danube Region society. The deliverables will also help identify the situation existing in the Danube River – Delta – Black Sea versus the state of the art in integrated management of European river-delta-sea systems.


Workpackage no. 2

  • Understanding the linkages, gaps and needs in knowledge transfer between science, economy and policy makers. Critical analysis of the results of WP1 by clustering with the major actors in the Danube Macroregion
    Identification of the links and connections behind the static picture, a review of the strengths and weaknesses in the R&I for the integrated environmental management in the Danube Region is the objective of this WP. Furthermore, the gaps in understanding and knowledge that need to be improved within the scientific landscape will also be identified. The final result will be the “knowledge matrix” – a critical key towards a more integrated innovative knowledge transfer mechanism in the Danube Region.


Workpackage no. 3

  • Design of new tools and instruments aiming at boosting knowledge transfer, enhance Research and Innovation cooperation for the environment at the more integrated strategic level
    The objective of WP3 is to design tools and instruments facilitating knowledge and technology transfer towards society as a whole – and in particular to enhance research and innovation cooperation for the environment in this region at a more integrated and strategic level and to best exploit results by society and the economy, including policy makers.


Workpackage no. 4

  • Dissemination
    Effective communication and dissemination of research results, fostering their use in decision-making to improving coordination of research, innovation and knowledge transfer in the Danube – Black Sea macrosystem are a key factors of DANCERS and strongly requested by the EC.


Workpackage no. 5

  • Management and coordination
    The main objective of this WorkPackage is to ensure overall coordination and smooth implementation of all activities to be carried out during the lifetime of the contract. Also it will assure effective consortium management and project administration across all partners.