Project objectives

  • Undertake a critical analysis of achievements in integrated river – delta – sea management in the Danube – Black Sea Macrosystem, based on a metadata analysis comprising the most significant results and deliverables from major projects/programmes/initiatives performed at regional / national / European / international level and place them within the wider context of international research on this environmental system.
  • Analyse the links between the achievements, deliverables and results of the work performed in order to fulfil objective no. 1. and identify training needs and opportunities to meet long-term objectives for sustainable aqueous ecosystem management.
  • Define a set of instruments that will enhance environmental research and innovation in the Danube Region, including the Danube Delta and the western Black Sea coast.

The ultimate deliverable will be a toolbox of instruments which will yield

  1. a strategic research agenda,
  2. a concept and detailed plan of the distributed research infrastructure – both for the Danube – Black Sea Macrosystem and
  3. proposals for an integrated educational program to be implemented at a regional level in the immediate future, with the full cooperation of partners from Danube – Black Sea Macrosystem.